Growth Hacking Assessment

Growth Hacking Assessment

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Based on the available data and our expert knowledge a partner (Luke Szkudlarek) at what. will conduct an assessment of the current status of marketing activities. The aim of the assessment is to provide guidance on the future growth strategy through online channels and help decide on the implementation of the growth hacking & other marketing activities (i.e. better allocation of resources).

Example scope of the assessment: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Stripe
  • Google Play Store
  • App analytics 
  • Pitch presentation 
  • Other information delivered by client, e.g. business and marketing plans, campaign plans, previous performance reports, dashboards 

The list of data sources is only indicative, the list will adjusted based on the onboarding questionnaire and will be confirmed before the assessment starts. 

What's included

Assessment presentation providing data driven insights and recommendations (i.e. opinion on the current activities)

Roadmap to achieve the campaign goal with specific new activities (i.e. combination of what’s good currently and what new things can be added)

1 hour consultation and Q&A meeting

'At cost' Pricing (50% discount)

Growth hacking assessment is offered at cost meaning that what. doesn't make profit on the assessment work. We invest ca. 20-30 hours - depending on the complexity and we charge only 50% of the time. We believe it's fair since assessments often lead to the follow up work for us.

50% discount will be automatically applied as you go through the checkout. 

Assessment process

- (optional) NDA signed - please contact us if you'd like to sign an NDA

- Assessment confirmed and purchased on the website

- Onboarding questionnaire released and completed 

- Data shared

- Scope of the assessment defined 

- Assessment and draft roadmap delivered 

- Q&A consultation and alignment sessions 

- Final assessment and detailed roadmap delivered 

About us 

The assessment is delivered by one of the founding partners at - Luke Szkudlarek. Luke specialises in growth strategies for new and modern companies. Learn more about what and Luke


We've conducted assessments for a number of high profile companies in Switzerland and abroad. Due to the sensitive nature of these assessment we're not allowed to share their names publicly. Please contact us if you'd like to talk to some of our customers or see some of the previous case studies. 

A selection of our cases is also available on website.