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ICO Marketing Strategy Workshop

ICO Marketing Strategy Workshop

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Our Process

The ICO Marketing Strategy Workshop is the entry point to identify the best solution for the marketing requirements. We'll take all aspects into account, including product positioning, token type, regulation, competition, target markets, partners, track record and future potential.


  • Analysis - before the workshop what.digital will research the product, white paper, competitors and target markets specific to the proposition.
  • 2 hour workshop with a partner from what.digital, typical agenda:
    > Overview of the analysis & open questions
    > Problem / product definition 
    > Differentiators and positioning
    > Tokenomics 
    > Roadmap, resourcing and funding timeline 
  • Assessment document: what.digital to score the project using our own and industry metrics to evaluate the potential of the project and chances of meeting the funding goal.   
  • Roadmap document with services, timeline, budget and resourcing plan for the entire project
  • 1 hour Q&A session after the workshop to answer any open questions

Please submit your questions prior the workshop.


We have a proven formula to launch successful ICOs from the initial concept to the post ICO stage. 

After the workshop and successful assessment we'll be ready to kick off the project. Our team of experts will work closely with your in-house team and other partners to ensure a smooth transition from the workshop to the implementation phase.