MVP Scoping Workshop

MVP Scoping Workshop

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Before building your product you need to decide what you actually should build. We help you identify the core hypotheses underlying your idea and define the scope of the MVP of your solution. During this workshop (4h), you will get help from our expert on how to condense a product idea and make it implementable with a reasonable budget and timeframe.

Scope of the workshop

what. offers to help define the definite scope of the MVP. To do so, we will hold a workshop where we build upon the requirements already defined to detail and prioritize the envisioned features.

During the workshop, we will embrace different thinking styles such as collaborative think sessions together with you, where we focus on design thinking, ideation, and brainstorming.

We will employ the following process:

1. Preparation

We use all the materials received from the client to prepare for the workshop. Based on the materials we have we will create a tailored workshop agenda.

2. Workshop

A partner from will sit down with your team to define the MVP Scope along with the tailored workshop agenda.

The duration of the single workshop will last roughly 4h.

3. Processing

We collect the results and summarize them. Where open questions remained during the workshop we fill in the gaps.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Intro
  2. Problem statement & who is this for
  3. Your idea & concept
  4. Journeys
  5. The MVP

optional - What is an MVP?

If wished-for, we can give a 5-minute introduction on what a Minimum Viable Product is.

What's included?

MVP Scope Workshop (4h) including a list of user stories that form a prioritized backlog. The degree of detail of the user stories is such that a design process can be started. Where necessary simple wireframes will be provided. 

The report will be finished within 1 work week after the workshop.

MVP Scoping Process:

  • (optional) NDA signed - please contact us if you’d like to sign an NDA
  • The workshop confirmed and purchased on the website
  • Onboarding questionnaire released and completed
  • Data shared / briefing
  • Scope of the workshop defined
  • Consultation and alignment session
  • Final workshop and report, consisting of user stories 

We guide you through this process. Depending on where you stand, we hold a workshop adapted to your needs and use this input to create a vision for your MVP.

We combine our lean startup expertise with your know-how, and together we define a prioritized backlog of features and decide on the minimum requirements to create a viable product. 

Build your product with us at a 50% Discount

50% discount is applicable when you decide to build your digital product with us after the MVP scope workshop.

About us

The MVP scoping workshop is delivered by one of our partners at what. - Marcus Kuhn. As head of product development, Marcus specializes in developing digital products for startups and the lean method. Learn more about what. and Marcus.


In the past 10 years, we have built over 50 MVPs in close collaboration with our customers. We’ve conducted the MVP scope workshops for a number of high-profile companies in Switzerland and abroad. Due to the sensitive nature of these workshops, we’re not allowed to share their names publicly.

Please contact us if you'd like to talk to some of our customers or see some previous case studies. A selection of our cases is also available on our website.