MVP Scoping Workshop

MVP Scoping Workshop

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Defining what goes into your first public release is one of the most challenging steps when starting work on a new digital product. Your budget has to be balanced with the requirements. We have to define the scope of the product so that people can love it and want to share it while keeping the set of features small enough so that it can be released quickly. Viable and Minimal.

What's included

  • Workshop or design sprint adapted to your needs
  • Creation of a vision for your MVP
  • 1-hour consultation and Q&A meeting

MVP Scoping Process:

- (optional) NDA signed - please contact us if you'd like to sign an NDA

- MVP scoping workshop confirmed and purchased on the website

- Onboarding questionnaire released and completed 

- Data shared

- Scope of the workshop defined 

- Workshop and draft roadmap delivered 

- Q&A consultation and alignment sessions 

- Final workshop and detailed  delivered  

We guide you through this process. Depending on where you stand, we hold a workshop or design sprint adapted to your needs and use this input to create a vision for your MVP.

We combine our lean startup expertise with your know-how, and together we define a prioritised backlog of features and decide on the minimum requirements to create a viable product. 

About us
The MVP scoping workshop is delivered by one of our partners at - Marcus Kuhn. As head of product development, Marcus specialises in developing digital products for startups and the lean method. Learn more about what. and Marcus