Website Strategy Workshop

Website Strategy Workshop

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Why do I need a website strategy workshop?

Based on the current website and available data our expert knowledge a partner (Luke Szkudlarek) at what. will conduct an analysis and workshop of the current status of the website. The aim of the workshop is to provide guidance on the future website strategy through online channels and help you develop a website strategy to your business advantage.

Who is it for?

This workshop is great for business leaders that come into contact with website strategies or are looking to relaunch their website.

Who attends?

Normally 1-3 people and it’s best to bring people from your organization who really understand your target buyer and your product or service.

Together with Luke you will:

  • Dive into your current website, study what worked in the past and where we see opportunities
  • Work on the website strategy canvas and make recommendations on how to structure your website content and

Example scope of the workshop:

  • Outdated website content and design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website security
  • SEO
  • Lead generation

What’s included?

  • Workshop 
  • Presentation
  • Document
  • Consultation and Q&A

Workshop process:

  • (optional) NDA signed - please contact us if you’d like to sign an NDA
  • The workshop confirmed and purchased on the website
  • Onboarding questionnaire released and completed
  • Data shared / website strategy canvas completed
  • Consultation and alignment session
  • Final workshop and detailed documentation/ notes delivered

About us

The website strategy workshop is delivered by our Digital Strategy Lead and founding partner at what. - Luke Szkudlarek. Luke specializes in growth strategies for new and modern companies and has 15+ years of experience in digital.

Learn more about what and Luke.


In the past 8 years, we have built over 100 websites in close collaboration with our customers. We’ve conducted the website strategy workshop for a number of high-profile companies in Switzerland. Due to the sensitive nature of these workshops, we’re not allowed to share their names publicly.

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Please contact us if you'd like to talk to some of our customers or see some of the previous case studies. A selection of our cases is also available on our website.